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I saw many users asking questions related to Pdf.
So in this guide I am going to tell you that how you can open pdf in your app without any extension.
First of all thanks to @Taifun for guide on his website. 58

First you need some components.

  • Textbox
  • Button
  • Webviewer
  • Activity Starter
  • Web (to decode uri)


How it looks from designer



1.Open PDF from given path


Here we have configured Activity Starter so that it will load pdf with in an external Pdf Reader app.Action: android.intent.action.VIEWData Type: application/pdf 

2.Pick PDF and open it


Here Activity Starter will open a prompt to pick file and convert file uri to path and load it with external Pdf Reader app.Action: android.intent.action.GET_CONTENTData Type: application/pdf 

3.Load a PDF online from URL

Use this option if you want to open a pdf from url (direct).It will use Google’s Docs Viewer so it will provide a lot of features to users.

Aia and Apk
Looking for AIA file, get it here:
Pdf.aia (21.5 KB)

Want to test Apk?
Here is a test apk:
Pdf.apk (5.1 MB)

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